Aufblasbarer Butt Plug mit Ablassventil

This rubber Inflatable Butt Plug from Titus pumps up using the hand pump bulb which has a release valve that unscrews so you can control the amount of deflatation.

High Grade Latex with an even finish.

Fitting ustruction:
Use  only water based lube on this product. DO NOT use oil or silicone based lube or expose the article tp oil or grease. Remember sharp fingernails or toenails can damage thin latex.
Washing instruction:
Hand wash with a good quality mild soap and rinse thoroughly. DO NOT dry using head. Sheake off excess water and hang to dry.

Storage instruction:
Article should always be stored in the dark and should always be dusted with plain talc to prevent sticking during storage.

We accept no liability for how use our rubber products or for consequences arising from their use or misuse.

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Aufblasbarer Butt Plug mit Ablassventil

Aufblasbarer Butt Plug mit Ablassventil